Definition :[C or U] the possibility of something bad happening                                       run/take a risk : to do something you know might be dangerous
                                                                                                         Zoe /London Citizens
In the month of March, the term of “Risk” keep appearing in my mind. From the CUK Guild of Organisers Training day, I keep asking myself with that rounds question all the time. (Rounds Questions is CUK’s style of meeting, every time with a question and every organizers  has to answer it in rounds in order to get a little bit update from everyone and to be more relational to each other) The round question is “ Think of time recently in you work when you took a real risk. What is the risk? Why? What did you hope?” What is my risk?

Risk means the possibility of something bad happening from Cambridge Dictionary. Taking risk should be something you are going to do but there is uncertainty for your result, and it may even go worse than people expected. In leadership teaching from Citizens UK,one of the leader’s quality must be “Being a risk taker”. Leaders have to be leading the congregation to act together for the common good, they have to be dare to take risk and bring people to take action. When I thought about this question, the risk that I thought I was taking is being Community Organizer in London.

Having two offers before I came to London as a community organizer, one is the offer to come to London to be the organizer, another is going back to school study bachelor degree in social policy. I had to make a decision in between two choices. In Hong Kong, studying in university, graduate then work and make a living seems to be the only path of success. Not having a certificate of bachelor degree like a mark of failure in most of the people views. However, I have chosen the offer of coming to London. As I realised that the work experience overseas is valuable that I can understand the social policy and the human resources development in London. Also, explore the world is more important than learning from books. I don’t know how much will I gain here or am I able to go back to university afterwards. Therefore, I am taking a risk in my life.

Being a Chinese community organizer is another risk taking. Asian migrant congregation is a closed community. When we are going to organizing the Chinese community, is going to be difficult as we are the strangers to the community and “community organizing” is completely new to the community. And also I found that most of the leaders in the community are being annoyed by what we are trying to do year by year. There were several time when I called the directors in different community centre and asked for a one-to-one meeting, they were annoyed and told me that they had been being interview since Joy came (the first volunteer from Hao Ran Foundation working in London Citizens in 2008). The leaders are not interested in what we are doing which makes me frustrated sometimes.

Community organizing takes time to build relationship and to organize the people. Although I have been in London for almost half an year, I am just engaging to the community. To let my Chinese leaders understanding the worthiness of joining Citizens UK still takes time.

Sometimes I am lost and don’t know how can I go forward. But I remember my team leader hope me to remind a word all the time, which is “ PATIENT”. She reminds me that doing community organizing takes time and we cannot be rushed. When I shared my worries to my colleague, she also told me that although we are just like a people passing by to this community, we just have to try our best to do. Who knows what will be happened in the next second? It is worthless to worry that we as organizers can only work in the community for 1 or 2 year in London because we never know what will be happened in next second.   They really encouraged me a lots, I am glad that I have a team working with here. Only four months left, I hope I can build me legacy in the rest of the time.


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